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Local Decisions...

Marisol International energizes your supply chain. Our formula includes talented professionals, a superior customer service culture, perpetual training & education, and transportation technology. Marisol International eliminates cumbersome layers of middle-management youíve encountered with other logistics companies and 3PLís. You interact directly with Marisol decision-makers and a motivated team who provide timely, accurate information to expedite your shipments.

Global Solutions...

Choose Marisol International to coordinate your global supply chain options. Marisol International is a C-TPAT validated and Licensed U.S. Customs Broker authorized to operate in every U.S. Port of Entry. We achieve results through our role as an internationally recognized and C-TPAT validated NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) and IATA air carrier. We provide a full range of Customhouse and freight-forwarding services along with discerning attention to U.S. Customs (CBP) and other government agency compliance demands. Focus your companyís resources on core activities with Marisol International as your global supply chain management and Customs brokerage solution.




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